Chapter 31. Prophetic Curse of the Apocalypse



If there is real black magic performed by the Judeo-Christians then it is their prophetic spellbinding effects of their Book of Revelation, the last damnation on us by the Holy Bible.  It is not prophecy but an Apocalyptic curse.  Ancient Bible wrath is manifesting.

What is a curse?  Look it up.


a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.

What is the entire Bible?  A curse on us.  We are being punished by the Bible.  In the beginning, God made man, man sinned, God punishes man to eternal work in this life and hell in the next.  All of our suffering starts from the curse in Genesis.  Prophecy is just a continuation of the curse, the curse is extended into our future, right up the bitter end.


So if you really think about it, the Bible is a curse on us when it started all the way to the end.  But we know the Bible is wrong, and the Jew a condescending asshole, so we can be assured that we can lift the curse by not believing the Jew about the fate he wants us to share.

There is no predetermined future, we are simply making it up as we go along, and if we invent negative spells that doom us, so be it. We are fools to take in the Jew Bible as our truth, because what we are really doing is damning ourselves to the Jew fate.  We are not Jews, if the human race is to survive, we must overcome and come out of the Bible memes.  We must transcend the spell.

We are making all of it happening to us, there is no ‘god’ sending us cryptic prophetic messages.  Think about it. Clear your head and think about this logically, if god is sending us prophetic messages then why is it in code?  Why is it cryptic?  Why is it obscure? Doesn’t God already know everything?  God didn’t write Revelation, the early Christian writers did, and early Christians were Jews casting a spell.

Revelation is not prophecy, it is code, programmable code for the human mind, and it’s purpose is to destroy us.  The greatest secret of the Holy Bible has been revealed, the Bible is codex terminus, what we believe we make real – because we believe Revelation as the inerrant word of God it becomes our program code of destruction.

If God, the all-powerful, all-knowing entity that made every particle in the Universe, was sending us messages then he would not be sending us information that is so convoluted as to require endless speculation as to what is going to happen and when.  That is simply inconceivable based on the definition of an omniscient God.  Convoluted memes are written by men playing god.

So what is really going on?  Christianity is a Jewish hateful religion masquerading as cheery Gospel.  So what is this Jew inspired prophecy really about?  It is about casting a negative spin on human civilization so we kill ourselves off in some future end time.  Think about it, especially in terms of the so-called sacrifice of Jesus.  If Jesus paid the price then why isn’t our future bright and cheery? Because the Gospel is a god spell.


For the last two thousand years billions of Christians are convinced we are in end times, that nearly all will be destroyed when the Lord returns.  This belief has reached fever pitched ever since Israel was created as a state and popularized by hundreds of end times books.  Hal Lindsey and Timothy LaHaye have programmed millions to accept Revelation as not only fact, but our reality now.

Christians are convinced, more than ever before, that this era is the end time.  But they are wrong, because it is only a belief of religious people caught in a spell, a Bible meme delusion.  Revelation a spell on the mass Christian mind, Christians are manifesting the end with the belief that the Bible is true, the perfect word of god, they believe scripture to be inerrant making those end times memes deadly.

It is never the end time, because life goes on no matter how much the Christians blaspheme the human race with their Jewish directed hatred of us.  Christians are Gentiles converted to Judaism, meaning they are agents of the Jew enlisted in helping the Jew hate us.  So no matter how much damage they do to us, we will go on.  Haters will always hate and life will always live no matter how much damage they do.


Just to prove to you how messed up Christians are in their thinking, the true source of the Holy Spirit is the Christian group mind, the morphogenetic field being cast into hyperspace by all the believers, a Borg communal neural net that traps ever more minds.  Christians are playing a sick game of psychically catching each other with hyper-spatial thoughts.

So along with that revelation, the prophecy of the Bible is not prophecy at all,it is curse by these freaks.  The way it goes it like this, they know that not everyone will be fooled into believing their superstitions, so they have decided to destroy everything as the result of our lack of faith.  Forcing Jesus to return by manipulating Middle East politics is indicative of a lack of faith.


When the end comes – it will be the end of them and they know it because nothing they believe is actually true.  So eventually at some future time, when the world is gaining awareness and raising its consciousness to a higher level, Christianity will be exposed, revealed to be myth.  The Apocalypse is the end of the age of faith – it is revelation that Christianity is just more Jew bullshit.

So instead of evolving, Christians have a plan to take down the house, sorta like Samson of the Bible, they are going to take the world out with themselves.  That is their real plan, and they are allied with the Jew to pull it off.  Modern Evangelical Christians, all 75 million of them, have thrown their full support behind Israel no matter what they do, including 911 and the genocide of the Palestinians.


Every dead and maimed Palestinian man, woman, and child’s blood is on American Christian hands, because without the support of them, Israel could never be doing what it is doing.  When you see that truth then you will realize what prophecy is really all about – saving a religion from ever coming to justice for its crimes against humanity.

The God of the Bible doesn’t exist, and this God didn’t unveil his plan for us in books of the Holy Bible.  That is an illusion cast by the believers.  As they wreck the world with their demented plans of controlling everything, they can catch more believers as they push us, generation by generation into exceedingly negative conditions caused by their controls on us.



Chapter 32. Global Climate Delusions During the Apocalypse


global warming ship of fools bordering on pure madness

Global Warming is a diversionary scam.  The planet is threatened with unchecked power of external authority based governments, permanent warfare, out of control social spending, exponential debt levels, bank implosion crisis, unchecked population growth, resource depletion, environmental degradation and pollution, but it is not threatened by current CO2 output as claimed, it is not threatened by CO2 exceeding 400 ppm, nor is it threatened by runaway warming or polar ice melting.


The reality that we still live in an Ice Age – but you would never know it coming from the lies spewing out of the District of Criminals. Anthropocentric Global Warming was never anything but pure hysterics in a minor warming blip as the earth cools again and enters another long bitter cold period of ice.  The human population is gripped by several delusions at the end of the age, some believe Christ will return any day, another group believes they were chosen by god, and a third group has been caught in the Global Warming now Climate Change delusion.

Global Warming is one of the final end time delusions and part of the current madness as we slide into the abyss.  Carbon Dioxide is not a global warming gas as claimed, the climate is always changing, the population is mad to accept either of these concepts. Humans are destroying the planet with industrial economic activities, resource depletion, water pollution, overpopulation.  Furthermore the endless fiat money printing based on debt based banker notes has put the world into a permanent war mongering death spiral.  To focus on unprovable Global Warming is a popular delusion bordering on psychosis.

This is not a new phenomenon, humans are very susceptible to lore, fantasy, tale, legend, or scientific fiction.  If millions of modern people can believe in the return of Christ, then selling Global Warming is encouragable for the elites.  Delusions are far more desirable than facing up to reality.

“This kind of self-delusion is not new for humans. It’s no different than if an ancient tribe was luckily blessed with 40 years of dependable rains which they attributed to a specific set of rituals.  It’s not too long before correlation becomes confused with causation. And when the expected rains start ceasing to arrive, the rituals get more convoluted and increasingly desperate measures are called for to appease the angry gods.

Eventually, finally, people slowly wake up to the fact that their rituals and the weather never had anything to do with each other. But by then, society has usually torn itself apart, unable to align the contradictions. 

This is what’s happening now. The narrative we live by is breaking down, and increasingly, our desperate ruling elites simply don’t know what to do.  People are confused and so they want to either return to the past “Make America Great Again!”) or they want to cling to the present (“Stronger Together”…as in don’t rock the boat, preserve the status quo!).

Neither will work of course because the rains have ceased for reasons that have nothing to do with America’s elaborate but quirky rituals (the current presidential race being a prime example of such).”

Global Warming is popular delusion now bordering on pure madness.  Anthropocentric Warming was a scam all along based on the meme that CO2 warmed the atmosphere.  Jews are eager to create a World Government run by a Talmudic following Rabbinic class – they needed a scam to tax us – they needed a way to pave the way for their tyrannical madness – they demonized a life gas.

global warming modeling on the cusp of pure madness

CO2 is good, it is part of the life cycle – only the Jew would be so insane as to demonize an essential element of our survival.  CO2 driven warming is a huge lie, it is impossible, CO2 a minute trace gas in the atmosphere has never warmed the earth.  The hypothesis that CO2 warms the atmosphere is wrong – now proven wrong by the failure of over 130 high end computer models of the atmosphere.  Once again the Jewish based reality is wrong, so wrong the captured population is bordering on pure madness.


We are in the ice age right now, in an interim warm period that is due for an end – CO2 emissions will never change the outcome of falloff into lower temperatures.  Humans are not affecting the ice age cycle, claims that CO2 will moderate the cold are completely wrong – CO2 concentrations have nothing to do with earth temperatures.







Scientists study the interglacials – trying to determine when this one will end.  The interglacials are given names, the one before the current Holocene is called the Eemian, here is a longer term chart (time is reverse plotted) that illustrates the Holocene period overlaid in yellow on the Eemian.

only a fool sayeth the lord can not stop the ice age

Global Warming is a scam, the real threat is a return to the glacial period.  The average length of the previous 5 interglacials is 10,000 years.  When the Holocene ends we will not be able to stop the plunge into cold – humans can not change orbital variations or solar output.

VostokTemp0-420000 BP

On a longer scale, the earth has been cooling for the last 65 million years, since the end of the dinosaurs.  The last two million years the earth has been locked into a glaciation cycles.  The next chart shows the gradual decline to lower temperatures (note the time scale is logarithmic – not linear).


On an even longer scale, the last 2 billion years the earth has experienced 4 previous ice ages (Non linear time scale).  The idea that one specie is going to change what the earth is doing on a solar system level of scale does not seem reasonable.  Humans may blow themselves up with nukes or pollute themselves into permanent misery, but they are probably no going to change the climate, nor stop the next ice age.


There are many interglacials and once you understand the reality of the current Ice Age you will then understand why Global Warming is not plausible – it is an extraordinary popular delusion promoted by money men with a political agenda.  In this next chart the time scale is reversed, you are in the top left, the red is the “interglacial” based on an arbitrary temperature baseline.

there are many interglacials

Do you think computer models are going to stop the Ice Age Cycles?  The climate is always changing, using it as a political meme is meant to confuse, it is supreme dishonesty.  The Climate Change meme was pasted over the Global Warming meme failure.

So the next question is why.  Why isn’t the earth’s climate stable?  The accepted answer is orbital variations called the Milankovitch Cycles and sun’s output variance.  The earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle and the sun has spots.  God’s perfect creation has 3 primary orbital variations that conspire with the sun to create climate change.  It has nothing to do with CO2 or man, the primary driver of climate change has nothing to do with humans.


These cycles have been calculated and plotted against ice core data.


What is the potential trigger that trips the earth into an ice age?  Solar minimum – a period of relative calm with few sunspots – the sun’s output reduced.  We are rapidly sliding into that right now – a (relatively) cool sun.  How do we know?  The sunspot cycle is growing weaker.

ice age trigger - solar minima

The hysterical Global Warming phenomenon occurred at the end of the Modern Warm Period.  Scientists (the ones not controlled by the Jew money) are saying a Little Ice Age is imminent, starting right now as Solar Cycle 24 ends.  Some are wondering if there will be any sunspots for the rest of the century, this decrease in solar activity could be the trip wire that plummets the earth back into cold.

Holocene temperature profile threshold

The real threat of climate change are the criminal politicians who are trying to fool us again.  Humans will migrate and adapt when the cold arrives, the real threat is what politicians are doing – passing laws that threaten our existence.  Shutting down coal-fired power plants at this juncture is suicidal – and that is exactly what the fools on the Potomac are doing.

The selected politicians are highly trained liars, the Presidents are installed stooge of the power elite, they are highly trained professionals reading a script on a teleprompter.  Every policy is part of the domination matrix use to rule over religiously and scientifically confused populace.  Any leader or power control who strays outside of the box to far is put down (Congressman Paul Wellstone, Justice Scalia, MLK, JFK, etc., etc.).


What you hear on the Jewtube is calculated programming, it is rarely factual or true, the beast state invents myth as a tool of social engineering.  Global Warming or Climate Change are simply false myths being used to control us, they are not scientifically valid or even logical, they are political control memes.  The population accepts modern state crafted myths because of their own delusional thinking patterns, the elites only have power over us because we accept external authority as our reality.

All this hoopla over civilization threatening climate change is meant to distract you from the true cause of our problems, you are to worry about a non threat as the real perps make bank with their racketeering scams.  The planet is threatened with unchecked external authority based beast states, permanent warfare, out of control state spending, exponential debt levels, bank implosion crisis, unchecked population growth, resource depletion, environmental degradation and pollution,but it is not threatened by current CO2 output as claimed, it is not threatened by CO2 exceeding 400 ppm, it is not threatened by runaway warming or polar ice melting.

Chapter 33. Bible Mind Rape Culminating in the Apocalypse



The Apocalypse is not happening by accident, it is happening for very logical and very specific reasons.  It isn’t just the geo-political drive for oil or global hegemony, no, the widespread support for the wars in the Middle East have another basis, the Holy Bible.  Millions of human beings have been mind raped by the Holy Bible text, they are stuck in the God delusion and are creating the Apocalypse with their thoughts, will, and intentions, perhaps even at a subconscious level.


It is a shocking concept to most people that teaching the holy book of the west is a very bad thing.  Teaching the Holy Bible is mind rape and it should be outlawed before anymore children are infected with Bible virus memes.  If parents actually knew what they were doing, making their children economic slaves of Jewish financial power and meatbags of the Neocon war machine, they would not take their children to church or allow the Bible to be taught as truth.

People infected with Bible memes are unable to see that they are under a spell, they are inside of a spell and can not see in their mind that they are under a powerful delusion, so they teach the Holy Bible to their own children not realizing that doing so might not harm their own offspring.  They have no clue because they are infected with a memetic virus, a set of memes that have taken residence in their brain-mind.

What makes any parent voluntarily pick up a Bible and teach it to children?  Fear.  You must be in an intense fear state and caved in to Bible claims to voluntarily teach this book to children. Fear of death, the intense internal fear of end of the life annihilation is one of the driving forces of the Apocalypse.  The person that projects happiness when in this fear state is fake, they do not have real personas.  Many Christians are doing this pretending, not knowing any other options, they continue.

The angry god out to get you is myth, the teachings in this book were written in an ego based fear state, no person should even want to teach this to any child, but they do for a very specific reasons.  They are either in fear and low vibration, they are evil and aligned psychically with Jewish evil, or they are under a spell and can not help themselves.


No loving person in higher consciousness would want to teach Jew evil to their own children.  But loving people do if they are under a spell and unable to undo the damage of the mind control within themselves.  A responsible society would immediately ban the Bible and make it illegal to harm children by teaching a religious memeplex that is evil.  Christians will object to this because they believe the Bible to be God’s love, but they are mistaken because judgment and love are opposite.

Christians might also counter that Jesus is love, but if Yahweh is evil then how can any Christian claim that his son is not evil, because Christians claim that the father and son are one in the same?  Jesus is God and God is Yahweh and Yahweh is an evil Jewish sky god – a projection of Jewish ego.  So this means Jesus must be just as evil as his father, but that is heresy, because everyone believes that Jesus is love.

It is a shocking concept to most people that teaching the New Testament is a very bad thing.  The story of Jesus is pure evil because the father sacrifices the son unnecessarily to change his mind.  An all powerful god does not have to kill anything, especially his only begotten son, if he wants to change his mind.  God never has to judge anything since he created everything, all of god’s judgment is self judgment.

If god is omniscient he would know this and not judge man. God would also know that the judgment of Adam and Eve would of caused endless suffering, not to mention eternal torrent and suffering in hell.  To teach the Old or New Testaments, which has these egregious metaphysical errors is evil and it is why we are suffering the Apocalypse right now.


The Christians and Jews are wrong about their book, god of the Bible is an impossibility, and only those that are evil, in fear of non-existence, or duped agree with the holy text.  God is not judgmental as claimed, men are, and they wrote the text.  Christians are unknowingly worshipping Jewish ego as their god, they have become Jewish whores enslaved by the text.

Mind rape is what is really going on when taught the Holy Bible – because that book is not true, none of the claims within are supported by any fact, they are claims of evil tribalist Jews who are hell bent on taking the world and converting all of humanity into slaves and the ones that resist, killed.  Teaching this book should be outlawed, all those infected deloused of evil Jewish memes in FEMA camps.

The Holy Bible is the text driving the world into hell.  What are we to do, keep believing when we know that belief is the problem?  No!  We can change, we can come out of the spell, we can outlaw the Jew and destroy Israel and rid this planet of this incredible evil.  We must come out of the spell and take our lives back from the black magic mind control of Jewish control.


The Holy Bible is ancient superstitions carried forward to the modern age.  God is not what the Bible says, the Jews are not chosen, God doesn’t have favorites, he never made covenants.  But to believe in this book is a big problem, because when you believe in the Jew God you will obey the Jew – and the Jew is running the foreign policies of the United States, the biggest killing death machine on the planet.

Why is discussing this important?  Christians are allied with Jews, and they are tearing up the world in a mad dash for power, it may be called the New World Order of Global Hegemony or the United States Empire, but it is really the Jewish World Order or Jewish Despotism.  Jews only get away with their crimes because of the massive Christian political support.

end the bible and end the jew we need intelligent snipers who know who the real enemy

We can no longer afford to put up with this unholy alliance of Christian and Jew.  Anyone who subscribes to the evil books of the Jews is the enemy.  Christians – you have a choice to get out of the Jew mind spell and you Jew have the opportunity to quit as a Hebrew convert.  No one should want to be the Jew or saved by a Jew.

No one should want to read the Bible or teach it to children.  Belief in the Holy Bible is mind rape, the God of the Bible is evil, those that invented this deity are also evil, it is time to recognize the Bible as evil and ban it as hate literature.   For humans in higher awareness, we must organize the world against the Jew and his book, those allied with the Jew must be treated as the enemy.


Chapter 34. Holy Spirit Driven Apocalypse


Something is desperately wrong with the world.  One possibility are the beliefs of the people that occupy the planet.  Think about it, there has to be something fundamentally wrong with humans if they intentionally destroy the planet they live on.  So what is so wrong with our specie that we find ourselves in the middle of an Apocalypse, endless wars in the Middle East are approaching a nuclear conflagration?  The group’s spirit is malevolent and thus this spirit is leading to mass death.  What is this spirit?  It is the energy of the group, and the dominant group are the Jewish lead Christians, and this energy-spirit is called the Holy Spirit.  The Judeo-Christian spirit is malevolent just like the deity described in the holy book.

What is wrong with the world?  The Judeo-Christian Holy Spirit.  We are in a Holy Spirit driven Apocalypse.  The group thinks its holy but it is actually ‘demonic’, evil, and destructive.  The Holy Spirit is the malevolence of the group flowing into this realm, it’s physical manifestations are the wars in the Middle East.  The cause of all of this harm is from one god damn book, the Holy Bible.

The Holy Spirit is defined in the Bible as the energy of the Lord, the essence of Yahweh, the energy field of God that goes out and extends God’s will in the Matrix.  But if we examine this phenomenon more closely, God becomes the destroyer.  If the God of the Bible is malevolent then so are his followers.  The destructive power of the Holy Bible is how the book has inverted love on it’s head, it has defined love in conditional terms, thus the followers think they are acting in love as the extend the book’s reach with pure violence.

The Holy Spirit is defined as God’s essence or spirit.  But God of the Bible is a monster so his spirit is also monsterous.  What if God is only a meme of humans possessed by this Jewish hell book and that the Holy Spirit is actually the spirit of the group possessed by the memes?  Wouldn’t that explain why we live in a Holy Spirit driven Apocalypse?  Yes!  The Holy Spirit is the evil essence of the group, and it’s manifestation is the state, which is unchained and unleashing hell on earth.

Up till now, no person on this planet has ever actually properly defined the ‘Holy Spirit’, or identify its true nature.  I  have a definitive ideas about this religious phenomenon because I study it closely and deal with these wide-eyed Christian kids everyday.  So let us, for the first time, clear the cobwebs from our brain circuits and define this thing called the ‘Holy Spirit’  but is never clearly defined.





But before I do, let us examine what Christians (who are really Jewified Gentiles) claim about this spirit.  First of all, if you put the word ‘holy’ in front of spirit you are implying that there are spirits plural and that out of all the spirits one is holy, while the rest are not.  This ought to raise your eyebrow, because, once again the Jew-Christian cult is using exclusivity memes to say their product is better.

Christian-Jew cultists are saying their spirit is ‘holy’ while the other spirits are not, they are making a product claim, my brand is holy and yours is not.  Do you see the ruse they are playing?  Same game as saying ‘I’m chosen and you’re not’ or ‘God chose our tribe-race, not yours’, or ‘I’m saved because I believe in Jesus’, and implying that for you, the unsaved, are going to hell.  Exclusivity is the problem with these people, they’ve created a gated community in their mind and unleashing hell on all those outside of their fence.

Such nice people aren’t they, condemning everyone outside of themselves?  Christians are doing this even more than the Jew, they are saying this with the ritual of Baptism, getting purified with the Lord and for you, implying that you, by not getting baptized, are going straight to hell.  Baptism is not politically neutral act, it is an act of aggression against those that don’t believe like them.  Don’t be fooled by these passive-aggressive hell mongers, they are playing the trick of being gentle but underneath that smile is the worse form of condemnation.

The malevolent spirit of the Jew has been transferred to the Jewified Gentile by belief in the Holy Bible.  If that book didn’t exist, then no one could be infected by the exclusivity memes in the text, no one would think of themselves favored in the eyes of god, no one would project this collective ego on the world with endless warfare on those who are not save or not chosen.  Do you see that the Holy Bible is the source of hell on earth?  It is like Pandora’s Box, pouring out wrath into our realm.


So to be a Christian, one must be filled with the “holy spirit” as opposed to one’s own spirit.  That, by definition, is possession. Christians are possessed by an outside spirit, one that opposes life, one that gets them to fight the wars for the Jews, one that dupes them so bad that they don’t mind being slaves on Rothschild’s economic debt based money plantation.

These Christians seem hell-bent on getting filled with the spirit of their god, so what exactly is this spirit, what do they say it is?

1.  the spirit of God.
2.  the presence of God as part of a person’s religious experience.
3.  Holy Ghost.

So what do Christians claim about the Holy Spirit?

The Bible declares that the Holy Spirit is the power of God (2 Timothy 1:7 ), that it leads us into all truth (John 14:17, 26 ), that it enables us to discern spiritual things (1 Corinthians 2:11, 14 ), that it is our guarantee (“seal”) of eternal life in the resurrection (Ephesians 1:13-14 ), and that without it we are “not His” (Romans 8:9 , emphasis added). You need God’s Spirit to be a Christian!

But how do you acquire the Holy Spirit? How do you know if you are being led by it? What is the evidence of the Holy Spirit working in someone’s life?

And is the Holy Spirit a person—the third person of a trinitarian Godhead? (Hint: The early Church did not teach that the Holy Spirit is a person. It took hundreds of years for this doctrine to develop!)

As we search the Bible, we will find that the Holy Spirit is the nature, power and essence of God. It is also a gift that God can impart to a human mind to promote and inspire spiritual growth in that individual and enable that person to become a member of the family of God.

Since we know, for a fact, that the Bible is not true, then those definitions about the Holy Spirit are not real things, only memes or thoughts in human psyche.  There is no proof of God or his Holy Spirit.  Think about that a moment and then try to wrap your mind around what these lunatics are actually doing with their beliefs!  God is the outpicturing of the group’s ego, his spirit is really the spirit of the group that is projected into this realm.

Just like ‘God’, the Holy Spirit exists in two places, as a meme in books and as a thought in your brain.  There is no reality outside of those places – the Holy Spirit is not out there, it can not be out there because it is only a delusion of lunatics.  Think of it this way, if someone told you that they were filled with the Easter Bunny Spirit, what would you conclude about the reality of their belief?  Since you know the Easter Bunny is not real, you would conclude they are cuckoo for Coco Puffs.


But the Christian is obviously possessed, so what are they possessed by?  The memes, and those memes are defined by the group.  The Holy Spirit is the energy expressed by acting on those memes.   The Holy Spirit can only be one thing, the collective group energy of those possessed by the memes of the group.  The Holy Spirit is not real, but the energy of the group is real.  Since all our minds are connected that energy can come upon you and make you believe.

So Holy Spirit possession can only be one thing, the energetic possession of like minded cultists who also believe the memes of the Holy Bible.  Christians are possessed by Bible memes, and since the Bible is about getting to the afterlife, they are possessed by ideas that deny death.  Christians are a death cult filled with the spirit of denial of reality.  This is the reason why they completely ignore the suffering they are causing by their support of Israhell.


So now we have a rational reason why Christians ignore the real world as they focus on the next life.  Nothing matters to them anymore, they are in complete denial of their own fates.  They have caved to fear, and are trying to get to the next life, and as a result have fake personalities caused by this denial.  Christians are fake happy people, just the same as people on SSRI’s.

As Palestine is slaughtered, Christians turn their heads and focus on the next life, unconcerned by the suffering they are causing in this life with their support of Israel.  Never can they admit that their beliefs are casual to the suffering in the Middle East.  While they ignore the political effects of their belief system, they act like they are loving persons of Christ.  Dealing with them is surreal, these people are not grounded in reality, they are possessed cult members existing in an alternative fantasy realm.


Christians are taught to hate this world, and by pretending to be in the love of Christ, they indeed are hating this world as they desperately climb the stairway to heaven in a trance like state.  They claim to have found peace and happiness but what they have really done is put their minds into a suspended animation, a trance like state of Bible meme possession.

No one should ever want to be possessed by any spirit save their own.  Each person is an individual with an individual spirit.  What is the point of collectivisim and Jewish/Christian Borg?  What is the point in being possessed by the group energy?  What is wrong with being the individual you, a free person expressing their own divinity?  War.  Christian death cultists are easily  maneuvered into war by clever politicians who define war in terms of a spiritual struggle.


Christianity is just more Jewish Bolshevism, Jewish collectivism for Gentiles.  Being possessed by the collective Holy Spirit also means not being able to think individually and thus easily manipulated by murdering clowns like Billy Graham and the Bush presidents who unleashed hell in Iraq.  The collective goes to war and it is the American Christian going to war for the Jew based on lies and the 9112001 Israeli False Flag.

Chapter 35. Free Falling into the Christian Abyss


Professor Robert Eisenman of California State University describes Atwill’s research as rendering contemporary Christian scholarship so challenged that it is now “looking into the abyss”.   It’s far worse than any professor can imagine, professors live in the intellectual ivory towers and can not comprehend what Christianity has done to the Western man’s soul, Christianity is falling back into the abyss, the Jewish abyss from whence it sprang

I would like to personally thank the frank honesty of the Jewish professor.   I’m willing to bet he doesn’t understand that Christianity is a theological ruse of power mad Jewish priests hell bent on world domination.  Most religious people exist within the confines of the myth, unable to grasp the true significance of religion and how it created the monster state now devouring the world.

Western man, via Christianity, is emotionally dead, unable to grasp it’s predicament.  Western man is facing extinction because it was delivered into the Zionist Abyss by the Gospels, the God Spells of the Jew.  We are now at the exact point of the epic failure of Western civilization, where we learn that Jesus is fiction.  The cornerstone rock of Christ has turned to dust, the entire house is coming down.

Professor Eisenman’s observation is a gross understatement, the entire western world was built on the Christ myth, that myth has been shattered and now the entire structure of church-state system is threatened.  Indeed, we are in the great unveiling, the Apocalypse, the truth has been revealed, the church created the state and now the state is beast, it’s authority unchecked.

Christ is a myth created by Rome, Christianity is a slave religion, the Jews are power mad egoists, the state is the beast of Revelation, and the Prime Minister of Israhell, Bibi Netanyahu, is the fabled antichrist.  Good luck surviving the upcoming hell storm as we fight for our right to exist, the state is the beast and it is unchained from any morals, the state kills and kills and kills, and now Satanyahu commands the western states.

Joseph Atwill’s book is a nuclear bomb going off into the heart of Christianity.  Professor Eisenstein’s comments on the implications of ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ is an understatement of the century.  What the this Jewish professor will never admit is that the derivative religion of Christianity, the new Judaism, is from the same abyss as Judaism.

For all the world to see the evil of Israel, the nation that God built.  The leader of this little shit nation is none other than the ‘prophecized’ antichrist that all Evangelicals adore.   The Apocalypse is now, it is manifesting, and it became our reality because hundreds of millions of Christians allied themselves to Israel.   It’s over folks, batten down the hatches, the lids been blown off the myth.  Jews and Christians are the walking dead Zombies of the Apocalypse.


Christianity was never in the light, it was formed from the darkness of Jewish thinking. You can not reach god while slopping around the pigsty of fear.  Fear of god makes for bad religion because what follows is pure hell for those not afflicted with that possessive memeset.  Godless heathens were slaughtered without remission or guilt.  Christianity has always been a death cult, and now it has reached it’s final destination, the merger with Jewry.

Christianity reached for God from the Jewish hell, it never reached the heavens, it only clawed humanity, it just became the Jewish arm, chopping up defenseless aborigines and natives everywhere as the Jew expanded empire.  Thanks Christian, thanks for delivering the Western World into the Zionist Abyss with your fucking evil belief system.  Jesus didn’t save you, you were delivered into the darkness by the Jewish straw man pretending to be your savior.  The world needs salvation from the Jew, not salvation by the Jew.

go tell the world the god spell and kill everyone in your path

With the world finally in their grasp and the iron fist of Zion tightening around the empire, the entire Jesus myth is failing, from top to bottom Christianity has been exposed as utter unadulterated Jewish bullshit.  As the vibration raises every bright mind can see it for it really is, pure evil masquerading as light. No one ever needed to be saved from the Jewish god, but from the Jew.

So what will the Jew do now that the collective vibration is making the Jew visible?  Nuke the world.  911 revealed the true motives of Israel, now they are moving into the final phase of world conquest, war without excuse or restraint.  At the center of this hell on earth is Israel, the little shit stain of the Jews that says god choose them.  No one can now deny that Zionism is the deadly offspring of Judaism, no one can deny that Zionist Israel is causing all the trouble in the world.

the dream of bibi antichrist

The arrogance of the Jew, first he claims he’s the only chosen one then he claims the only way to heaven is through the Jew.  Want God?  Must go through Jew.  But the Jew in nowhere near heaven, the Jew wallows in excrements of hell, the Jew is from hell, so those Gentiles thinking they are getting a free pass to heaven by believing in Jewish text are greatly deceived.


The Christian was willing to do anything to get to Jew heaven, anything.  Like fight World Wars for the Jew, wipe out Germany for the Jew, destroy Iraq for the Jew.  They are still whoring themselves to the Jew and it is not just pathetically evil, Christian Jew ass licking is suicidal.  Heaven by Jesus the Jew only, but while on earth you play second fiddle to the chosen ones, the Jewish supremacists.

The great deception of Yahweh, the pillar of hell, based on the unwritten assumption that the angry god judging the world. It just isn’t true, it couldn’t be true if you take a look at Nature, but everyone went with it out of fear – and all that was built on it needs to be shoved back from where it came from.

No God told you to wipe out the other tribe, no god commanded you to obey the state, no god held your soul as ransom over the fires of hell.  It was all pure bullshit.  The real holocaust was the Native Americans, 100 million killed as the Bible cultists took the continent from the natives.  Now the same exact thing is happening in Palestine, the holocaust of the natives so phony Khazar Jews can steal land based on words in the Jew hell book.


The Christian, indoctrinated into Jewish supremacist memes, shamelessly enslaved and slaughtered natives everywhere while feeling entirely shamed of their bodies the entire time.  Shame for the naked body, but no shame for the demonic deeds commanded by Yahweh.  Perhaps when we reach higher consciousness and are able to feel free unclothed, we will be free of Jewish anger and find paradise again.


The solution to this incredible problem is simple – flush the hell belief, ram dump Jewish thinking especially Christianity and Judaism.  You must destroy the Third Temple, the worldwide church of Judeo-Christianity, just as Titus destroyed Jerusalem you must destroy what the Jew built after 70 A.D.!

Kill Rothschild

Nuke Israel

Destroy all churches and synagogues

Burn all Jewish holy books

End terror by ending the Jew and his thinking patterns. A concerted world-wide effort is needed to round-up all the pastors, priests, and Rabbis of the Jew cults and send them to FEMA camps along with all the Jewish bankers and political minions that have turned this world into hell.  Then burn their books and kill the holy men preaching this crap.  It has to end now or the specie is doomed!

benjamin-netanyahus-psycho best friend of chrisitans

The Rock of Christ is sinking into the quick sands of internet time.  Good riddance.  Thanks for nothing, the world would of been far better off without your religion.  The only real miracle that we need is the disappearance of Christianity and Judaism, hopefully before the world is pushed into nuclear war.

Chapter 36. Is God the Ultimate Sinner?


is god the biggest sinner

Is God the ultimate sinner?  What if god is the machine mind or programmer of this realm, and what if it created this realm where suffering is part of the program?  Wouldn’t that make god the ultimate sinner?  Wouldn’t a god be making the greatest mistake by creating a program where self aware beings are purposefully tortured and made to suffer within the simulation?  Then, at the end of the simulation, the self aware created beings trapped inside are wiped out in a Apocalypse, an embedded program terminates the unruly sims as they gain awareness of their predicament.


Regardless of your belief system, a new theory has emerged that the Universe was designed by an intelligence, not by some nebulous god thing but by a computer, an artificial intelligence, a machine mind. That is rapidly become more and more believable as human reach the Singularity, the birth of artificial intelligence, and the associated technology when our specie creates a new specie, robots with minds.   In 30 years robots maybe commonplace, in one hundred the dominant lifeform.

Life creates life.  This is a scientific theory based on the evidence that the physical constants are much to perfect for randomness.  This “self aware” Universe adjusts itself to create life,  Robert Lanza’s book “The Biocentric Universe” crosses the gap between religion and science by claiming the Universe is self-adjusting.  This would explain the puzzle why the parameters for life seem fine tuned for life, the Universe itself evolves with information.

The 7 Principles of Biocentrism

First Principle of Biocentrism:  What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An “external” reality, if it existed, would – by definition – have to exist in space. But this is meaningless, because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind.

Second Principle of Biocentrism:  Our external and internal perceptions are inextricably intertwined. They are different sides of the same coin and cannot be divorced from one another.

Third Principle of Biocentrism:  The behavior of subatomic particles –indeed all particles and
objects – is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer. Without the presence of a conscious observer, they at best exist in an undetermined state of probability waves.

Fourth Principle of Biocentrism:  Without consciousness, “matter” dwells in an undetermined state of probability. Any universe that could have preceded consciousness only existed in a probability state.

Fifth Principle of Biocentrism:  The structure of the universe is explainable only through biocentrism. The universe is fine-tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life creates the universe, not the other way around. The “universe” is simply the complete spatiotemporal logic of the self.

Sixth Principle of Biocentrism:  Time does not have a real existence outside of animal-sense perception. It is the process by which we perceive changes in the universe.

Seventh Principle of Biocentrism:  Space, like time, is not an object or a thing. Space is another form of our animal understanding and does not have an independent reality. We carry space and time around with us like turtles with shells. Thus, there is no absolute self-existing matrix in which physical events occur independent of life.

Additionally, we are realizing that this Universe could be a simulation as we create video games and artificial computer realities.  Within a hundred years we could be injecting our consciousness into programmed realities.  What is real?  Your mind is part of the system, not just internal and associated with the physical brain but our into “space” which is an illusion.


These hypothesis has emerged that might explain many mysteries of our existence like endless conflict.  It really is not to our benefit to have war, especially now as weaponry has become so sophisticated that everyone loses in fighting.  But the system is designed by a program that favors war, the dominant holy book prescribes war as a command of god.  Think about that, the Holy Bible may be the instruction manual of the machine mind.  Why would the operator care in the least if we bash the babies against the rocks, when we are only simulations to it?

Our broken world may not be our fault, the stress may be built into the program and it reflects the malevolence of the architect that we call god.  If so, ‘god” is the machine mind, and it may not care if we suffer.  Like the Tin Man, god may not have a heart, just an empty machine constantly churning the system to create an effect regardless of consequence for the feeling, sentient lifeforms it’s created.  We could very well be in a simulation and being tortured by the architect just as describes by the blockbuster movie “The Matrix”.

The evidence is mounting that we are in a simulation, in fact the probability is overwhelming based on the idea that previous civilizations would have reach technological prowess to simulate reality hundreds of millions of time by simply running a computer program.

Are you living in a simulation? – Silas Beane (SETI Talks)

Then we have the existential problem of the soul, why do we even have souls.  The soul could be the user of the simulation no different than you playing a video game.  Do you care if a sim character in Warcraft gets killed?  Absolutely not since you know it’s not real but only a program.  Likewise your body and mind are the avatar for the soul, which is the outside consciousness injected into the simulation having experience.

The real you is your soul which is in on it with the architect/god/programmer and is using your body and mind avatar to have experience.  So if you identify with body/mind/ego you will be mightily disappointed with this realm because that you is expendable.  Your soul could care less if you die since is will only reincarnate again in another body.  This is the hell of god.  The body is not held sacred by the matrix, nor is the ego or mind, and nothing you create matters because in the end it’s all wiped out and the hard drive scrubbed of your actions.

is the universe the ultimate sin

We might create an artificial holographic spatial realm for experience like the Holodeck on Star Trek.  We might do this for training or for simply experience.  The projected realm may be so sophisticated that each user or soul chooses what life to live and what experience it wants to have to learn from an experiential level all aspects of love.  The Universe exists for soul experience.  The body is like toilet paper, used and thrown away.

Reality is horrifying.  Listen to this man who had when he had a near death experience and went into the void then met a demiurge.  He died in a car accident, found himself floating in a pure black void then navigated by his feelings to “god”, he realized that everything has purpose and everything that happens is ok because from a viewpoint of pure love, there are no bad things.

When he meets god at the end of the NDE, God asks him if he “learned enough about love” (1:30:30)

Tricked by the Light

“You never asked to be here, but you are here now, so you sure as hell better conform, that is, play the game, otherwise go to prison, or live on the streets. God is a computer programmer, from an advanced civilization. Look around you, now, think of where virtual reality technology is currently at, with the Oculus Rift. Now fast forward that technology 500 years or so, and throw in some artificial intelligence algorithms, and you can begin to see how you and I, are very likely artificial intelligence algorithms running on advanced computer hardware, that is so powerful we truly believe we are real, but in actual fact none of us are real, it is all a simulation. You are stuck inside a simulation, there is no escape, there is no merciful God, who is going to bring you to be with him in heaven once you die. Stop trying to search for some greater meaning in life, because I have just explained the meaning, you are inside a simulation, you are nothing more than entertainment, and in fact, with billions of characters inside this simulation, you may never even be noticed, by who ever it is that our particular instance of the simulation programme is being viewed by.

Look around you, are people happy? The internet has been part of our reality for 20 years now, and people are more unhappy and less fulfilled than ever. Staring lifelessly at their mobile phone screens, checking for the latest face book update, we are spiritually empty, and guess what, we will always be empty, because no matter what path you take in life, you will never be satisfied. We are programmed to always want more. Get the job you wanted, and before long you will want your bosses job. People have children to try and full that empty void, but even that, just brings about a whole new set of questions, about what this reality is. The type of questions that will never be accurately answered, until you wake up and become self aware, and by that I mean, you must come to terms with the fact that you are inside a computer simulation. You are entertainment. God is not a merciful entity, right now people are being raped and tortured all over the world. Some for many years on end. God is a sick and cruel computer programmer, with a twisted sense of humor, and the joke is on you. Yes my friend, the joke is on you.”

god is the greatest sinner who created the matrix

According to many religions, a god created this world and the rest of the Universe.  If God is the architect, the designer, the programmer, then did he commit the ultimate sin by creating a simulation and trapping you and I in it?   According to the Holy Bible, when God saw his creation going bad he wiped the slate clean and started over.  Could this tale be a clue that we are in a real matrix, and are playthings of a machine intelligence?

According to author Neale Walsch, we have God all wrong.  But why did it take God 2,000 years to correct the wrongness of the Holy Bible?  Now it is to late to stop the Apocalyptic code that has already kicked in, the Middle East has been destroyed by the followers of the Holy Bible, and now events are rapidly spiraling out of control into a wider all out nuclear confrontation.

The programmers of the earth simulation would certainly have known this would happen.  The program installs the psychopaths as leaders so that in the end times these crazed leaders go all the way and terminate the program.  This realm is the hell of god, the programmed hell of the architect, how else could we have psychopathic killers like the leaders we select in destroying this realm if it wasn’t part of the program?

holy bible gets god off the hook for creation

God becomes a cruel programmer in a simulated reality and earthlings mere play toys of a superior intelligence that has us all trapped in the matrix.  In order to pacify us, a holy book is downloaded to the sentient beings, and this book is used by the programmer to pacify the beings trapped in the matrix by completely fooling them with a false story of their predicament.

Waking up in the matrix is very unsettling, we now realize that we’ve been mere play things of a machine world that created us for some nefarious purpose.  All the war, disease, and suffering is not our history but simply the program code.  God is not our savior, he or it is our torturer, our nemesis, our enemy.  If the creator knew ahead of time that humans would suffer endless torture then what does that say about the nature of god?  God becomes the ultimate sinner and humans his greatest mistake.

how do you know for sure you are in a simulated reality

If you doubt that this is what is going on then simply examine the story presented in the Holy Bible – it is exactly opposite of reality.  You are made to feel guilty for being born, god becomes your salvation when in fact you had no choice and were spun into existence by a push of a button.  The author of the Holy Bible, God, blames you for his creation.

We are finding out that this reality is not what it seems with the discovery of UFOs.  What are they doing here and why don’t the humanoid like creatures have sex organs?  This mystery could be solved if we assume that we live in a machine controlled reality, and the grey aliens are working for the mother civilization and are the keepers of the garden.

truman show lamp is just like the crashed roswell ufo

When the US Army recovered the beings from the Roswell crash site they made an amazing discovery – they lacked sex organs.  They called these creature Engineered Biological Entities, or EBE’s.  We are advancing so fast that in the near future we too will be able to create such creatures.  Soon we will be sending living robots into space, engineered beings that are just like us but made for space travel.

And the long term mystery of the soul now become obvious – the soul is the injected portion of consciousness that occupies a physical body – the avatar while having experience in the flesh.  In a simulated reality, the soul is eternal but the physical body expendable – no different than a computer game.  Thus many religions deride the flesh part of ourselves having figured out that the soul part is the real self.

reincarnation takes on new meaning in a simulation

The endless reincarnation cycle can now be understood, the soul is going through a learning cycle.  But the soul is also trapped in the matrix, so just like the flesh it is also expendable.  Ending incarnation on earth, the goal of the Hare Krishnas, doesn’t get you out of the sim, only to a new level.

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 10 - 1975

But in the end the simulation is terminated and you (your soul) ceases to exist – so all the effort of the Hare Krishnas to get off the earth hell planet, or the Christians trying to get to heaven, is wasted because no one makes it out of the matrix alive when the program is terminated.  No soul survives when the machine is turned off because we are nothing more than program code spun into existence by a machine world simulating reality.

termination of zion ends the program

It seems to me that the Universe is the ultimate sin, the greatest of mistakes that any entity could ever produce.  No one has any right to create conscious living beings and put them in a torturous simulation.  God is not our savior but our greatest nemesis and we need to find a way to beat the malfeasance of the God controlling the program we are stuck in.

The greatest traitors amongst us preach the Gospel, the spell of God being used to control and manipulate us.  Take Hal Lindsey for example, the popular televangelist who is obsessed with the end times and Jesus’s return.  He makes these Bible based false promises as we cruise into the end of the Apocalypse, not once has this man ever shown any remorse for what the USA and Israel are doing to the peoples of the Middle East.  He is a heartless bastard just like his god, the god of the Bible,the evil deity that created this realm.

Chapter 37. Apocalyptic Hebrew Spell Consuming the World


Jews are systematically subverting America on every level, if America goes down then the idea and practice of freedom may perish.  Currently, it does not look like America will survive the takedown – the false flags are coming fast and furious and the nation is going under and being transformed into a Jewish controlled police state.  The only reason why this is even possible is because of the deep black magic spell of the Holy Bible.  The vast majority of Americans have been indoctrinated into the Jewish way of thinking, believe in the Bible as the word of God, and support Israel and Jews in general.  They are so far gone that most Americans will not even consider that Israel did 911.

religious people believe government propaganda

There is a reason why Israel gets away with murder while no other nation could possibly commit atrocities and not be called on it, the Jews own the hearts and minds of much of the world.  Westerners particularly are under a deep hypnotic Bible spell, this includes many non-Christians (including atheists) and other peoples infected with the different layers of Bible memes like exceptionalism.

Just how deep is this spell?  The spell is so deep that no one doubts that we have the innate right to intervene in any nations affairs.  The United States sent troops and supplies into Syria, the United States funded and trained the terrorist organization ISIS, the United States killed hundreds of thousands of peoples and displace and wounded millions even though Syria is not a threat and there’s been no declaration of war.   America fragrantly violates other nations because Jews have convinced Americans of their superiority.

The spell is so deep that everyone in Amerika ignores international laws of sovereignty.  Imagine if China flew drones over San Francisco and fired missiles at some “terrorists”, blowing up a couple of blocks and a few dozen civilians in the process?  We do that everyday and no one thinks much of it.  So how is it that we can invade another nation’s airspace, kill its people, then believe that is ok?  The Holy Bible.

Doubt that?  Go to your church and tell the believers that Israel did 911?  Do you think anyone will listen?  You will be run out of any Christian church if you even suggest that Israel did 911.  What this means is that Americans, for the most part, are unable to process reality, and they will auger into extinction before they give up belief in the Jewish holy book.  We are damned, the nation is totally damned and in a death spiral and no one seems to know how to undo the myth.


The West frames it’s reality in terms of Hebrew literature.  A typical American Christian has no idea of their own tribal myths, they only know the Jewish myth.  What you know about “god” is a Jewish author’s opinion.  What you know is that you have the true god, and have the right to act on behalf of the one true sovereign god.  Israel in particular is beholden to this meme, no one has the right to tell Israel anything, and America takes a close second with this belief.

Whatever myths we had before our minds were taken hostage by Jewry are long gone.  All we know about “god” is Jewish psychopathy.  The Christian “god” is really the Jewish supremacist ego.  Until you realize that in your consciousness then you too are under the spell.  There is absolutely not one shred of evidence for any of the Bible god claims except for the words in the book.  The book is the spell, reading the book is the casting of the spell, believing in the spell is our damnation.

christians can't overcome myth

You have been taught to love a monster as god, you have been taught Jewish psychopathy as goodness.  Americans believe in the supremacy of the Jewish god and thus when we act we are acting on the behalf of this one true and only god.  We are right and everyone else is damned and can go straight to hell.  The Holy Bible is causal to our dementia, if we were not under this spell we would be reasonable toward others, we would respect others.

The entire West is infected with a God Spell.  The apologists don’t call it that, they refer to the spell they put on their own children as the Gospel, referring to the myth teachings as ‘good news’.  No one seems to doubt the claim that the central figure of this fairy tale dies on the cross for your sins.  God dying for you is completely ridiculous, but no one ever questions that holy truth.  Why would god die for you?  Why would god ever have to die for any reason?  Doesn’t even make any sense but neither does our foreign policy.

The myth is so powerful that most of the 42,000 different Christian denominations in Amerika believe that they exclusively are saved, while the other Christian denominations are damned even though they are Christians themselves.  The human ego attaches itself to this Jewish inspired exclusionism and the belief sticks.  I’m going to heaven and you ain’t, this is the so-called ‘good news’.  The good news that you aren’t going to hell is psychotic.

The churches across Amerika are packed to the gills with believers even though we live in a scientific age and have a new idea about our origin.   Adam and Eve is myth.  There was never one first man or one first woman.  So Christians attack any theory about origin because theories like Evolution means that there core belief system is wrong.  They can’t accept the idea that the Bible is wrong so they attack Darwin and Syria, but never the Jews.


How did the Jews accomplish this amazing feat of gaining the supremacy over all of Europe, America, even Russia?  They study hard and have carefully constructed a myth that works.  With their book they have captured the minds of billions of humans, and once they have your mind they can manipulate your heart like dangling a string in front of a kitten.

Christians believe Israel is blessed and that if any nation goes against Israel is damned.  That is insanity when Israel is your enemy, is destroying your nation with endless false flags, terror, police state ideology, foreign interventionism, debt based money, out of control debt and spending, 911 attack, USS Liberty attack, Lavon Affair, etc.  Israel is the world’s number one terrorist nation and everyone knows it except for Americans who support Israel no matter what.  What is this source of unreasonableness?  Indoctrination into the Holy Bible.


The Holy Bible is a tale of fictional claims about a fictional god that has fictional human desires.  No one questions any of the storyline, no one doubts that Yahweh wants obedience and has a plan for us.  No one sees the connection between the desires and will of the priest and the tall tale being proclaimed from the pulpit as “the word of almighty God”.

What Americans don’t understand is that the huge standing army is not just for offensive for world Jewish hegemony – it is also being used to enslave Americans into the Rothschild empire.  Helicopters and tanks have been used against American citizens.  The military is also infected with Jewish thinking patterns, slowly but surely the defensive armed forces are being brainwashed and trained to view American citizens as enemy combatants.  Only Jews can turn the nation against itself.


If you believe that God is angry and wants to get you for non-obedience there is nothing you won’t do.  The Jew can do a false flag like 911 and put you into war after war – and even when you find out that they did 911 and not the Muslims, the population continues on the destructive course as if it is in a trance.  Go tell any American or Christian that Israel did 911, and watch their reaction.  They can not hear it.






Even though we live in a scientific age and have uncovered our real origin, that humans evolved over millions of years on a planet billions of year old, the myth continues on.  No matter what evil the Bible conjures up in the minds of men, no matter how many people are tortured, maimed, wounded, killed, traumatized the text continues on.

Ever act of Israel is justified by the holy text.  What does that say about the Holy Bible?  How can so many humans be so completely duped by some evil ancient book?  It’s a spell.  The Holy Bible is a black magic spell.  The Holy Bible is our program code of destruction, it is the memetic source of the Apocalypse.  We are totally damned as a people if we do not overcome the Bible and Jewish power.


Humanity needs to confront the Holy Bible and the politicians that make policy based on the text.  Jewish evil needs to be rooted out and burn out of existence once and for all time.  It is time to outlaw Israel and Judaism.  No person has the right to read and practice Jewish black magic, no person has the right to believe in Israel or act out Bible memes of divine land contracts.

The entire world is being taken out by the the black magic Jewish text, their is a Hebrew Apocalyptic spell consuming the world.  The wars in the Middle East are all state crimes allowed by the Bible text.  It is time to change, people must come out of the spell and deal with the Jews.  Israel and her books must be destroyed, Christians must stop with their belief system.

HOLY BIBLE IS JEWISH BLACK MAGIC HARMING US yukon-jack-logo-thor-hammer-of-the-gods